Our Future Plans



We are very excited to be launching our 2020-2022 strategic plan outlining our plans for the years ahead. We will be focusing on the following areas.


Proper nutrition is crucial to ensure that children grow up healthy. Yet in many places, children are at risk of malnutrition because proper nutrition is not possible. Thus, the school provides a feeding program that needs to be sustained by your contributions. 

As a school we intend to produce nearly all of our own food through kitchen gardens, integrated perennial food systems, animal husbandry, aquaculture, and more providing culturally and ecologically appropriate food (with enough excess to share with the local community).


We also want to insure clean, available water through a fresh well, rainwater catchment, greywater, and water saving earthworks.

The impacts of this project are profound and may have impacts not just locally, but for orphanages and communities around the city. It is our hope and intention that the school can not only care for the needs of these children in dire need and empower the local people in Zambia.

TWO Of Our Projects

Food Growing


  The school is working on a number of projects. The School has acquired a farm to enable it produce food for the children. This project is scheduled to coincide with the rainy season. 


The school intends to acquire farm equipment to enable it produce food all year round. This will also enable the school to use this project to teach sustainable agriculture. 

Renewable Energy


  In Summer 2018, Melosheb School in Zambia received a grant from Pure Leapfrog and the British Airways Carbon Fund to install a 1.7kWp roof mounted solar PV array and four lithium ion batteries.  


This has provided electricity for the first time which has allowed for the introduction of IT at the school, and also means that staff and pupils can work at the school in a safe environment after dark.